Mobile learning, or m-learning, can be any educational interaction delivered through mobile technology and accessed at a student’s convenience from any location. The software that underlies m-learning includes not only mobile applications designed specifically for learning purposes, but also those designed for other uses—such as geolocation, data access, readers, and maps—but that can be adapted for educational purposes.
M-learning hardware may include mobile phones, handheld PCs, tablets, the iPad, and netbooks, as well as devices such as the iPod touch that are able to run mobile applications. Because m- learning utilizes a variety of devices, many of which are ubiquitous in the lives of students, it can foster student engagement and offer opportunities to make learning integral to daily life.

Custom mLearning

Be it for smartphones, feature phones or tablets; platforms like Android, BlackBerry or iOS; courses using Flash, Objective C or HTML 5 – we develop custom (aka bespoke) mobile learning solutions that fit needs perfectly.

We can help you convert your desktop based eLearning courses and videos into mobile compatible learning elements. Further we can develop device specific (native apps) for specific mobile platforms or device neutral (web apps) designed to work across a wide range of mobile devices. Our team has the expertise to work with evolving technologies (HTML 5), platforms (iOS 6, Ice Cream Sandwich), and authoring tools (Brain Shark, GoMo), and can help you take advantage of the opportunities that the mobile devices provide.

Further, our bespoke mLearning solutions portray the highest levels of security (secure data; adherence to company privacy policy), scalability (scalable across devices and organization), and design considerations (user–friendly; intuitive) so that you can be assured of a custom mobile learning solution that will enhance your learner’s performance. And for your organization, it means increased productivity.

So whether it is establishing priority communication with your employees or delivering knowledge nuggets and business critical information to your mobile workforce instantly, our custom (bespoke) mobile learning solutions will provide you multitude of benefits.