Empowering Patient Care through mobile solutions

Applications for smartphones are empowering today's patients and proving beneficial in managing healthcare. Mobile Health ( popularly termed as mHealth) is transforming the way diseases are diagnosed, tracked and healthcare services are provided. The role of mobility has grown exponentially in the healthcare domain; from being just an enabler to an important part of the healthcare ecosystem. mHealth not only keeps the doctors & patients always connected but also provides access to relevant information at the right time. Mobile solutions for Continued Medical Education space are ensuring that doctors & technicians have access to critical information about their field on their fingertips, thereby enabling competence and timely access to critical information.
We deliver comprehensive solutions that enable hospitals, health systems and other providers to use IT more strategically for better business, better care and better connectivity.

Focus Areas in Healthcare Software Development

SiSAH Technologies has a good knowledge of developing healthcare software products that are robust, reliable and fully compliant with regulatory standards. In addition to its expertise in the healthcare field, SiSAH Technologies also utilizes distributed agile development adapted to regulated product development.

SiSAH Technologies Services

SiSAH helps technology vendors and EHR/ Clinical software companies meet the immediate demand to mobalize thier products. SiSAH can rapidly deploy a team for mobility experts to develop a tailored mobile multi-platform application that enhances the accessibility and greatly improve quality of the user experience.

Value Gained

Avoid cost of hiring full-time specialized mobile team.

Move rapidly in response to physician demand.

Drive sales and adoption of core commercial EHR/CIS softrware.